Artificial Noses

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Replace my real nose with an artificial nose?

I didn't know that artificial noses were available. I've since learned through research for this site that there is a nasal prosthesis available to people who have lost all or part of a nose due to disease or injury. However, I'm not referring to replacing human noses with an artificial replacement nose.

I did find a website for cast, artificial animal noses from bears to warthogs (complete with photos). If you want to have a look, please click here. My emphasis here is an artificial (or electronic or enose) nose being developed scientifically. These noses pick up scent.Their application is being used primarily in the food industry and as a medical tool, according to my research. One nose being developed even senses smell by color. Isn't that intriguing?

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If you'd like to learn more about artificial or electronic noses, please click the following links.

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