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Photo of Jimmy Durante and his big nose

Big noses. What should we do with them? Should we just accept them or head for the surgeon's office? When I was eighteen and weighed 103 pounds I thought I had a big one. As I've matured and put on more pounds, that feature seems more in line with the rest of my face. It's still not little, not like that petite little girl in high school with the button nose, but it's mine and I accept it.

Quite a few famous people have a larger than average proboscis. One that comes to mind was Jimmy Durante, a famous comedian and TV star. I remember watching his TV show during the early days of television. "Schnozzola" was how he described his nose. He would have been successful no matter what shape his nose was because of his warm, funny personality. You might remember his songs from the movie "Sleepless in Seattle" starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.

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Photo of Bob Hope and his big nose

Famous People with Big Noses

Bob Hope

... with his famous ski slope one, was certainly world famous. But, can you imagine him any other way? I saw him on stage one time and it just didn't protrude that much to me - maybe I was too far away.

Photo of Cyrano de Bergerac and his big nose

Cyrano de Bergerac

... a poet and writer who lived in the 1600s, was another long noser. He had the tip of his extremely long protuberance cut off during a duel. Ouch!


... a fairy tale by Carlo Collodi, tells the story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet, who comes to life. As he begins to lie, his nose starts to grow.

Photo of Karl Malden and his big nose

Tycho Brahe

... a famous astronomer, had his original nose cut off in a duel. He wore a metal one which he attached with glue.

Quite a few actors come to mind - John Barrymore, Jamie Farr, W.C. Fields, Karl Malden, Walter Matthau. At the moment, I remember only one female singer/actress, Barbra Streisand, as having a really big nose. But, with a voice like hers, who cares about the size of her nose!

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Some people are so unhappy with their big nose that they resort to nose surgery. You'll find more information on the Nose Surgery page of this website.

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Nose Jokes

Heard any good nose jokes lately? You might find a chuckle or two at our new Nose Jokes page. We've all heard the one about "His nose is so big he could smoke a cigar under the shower". You'll find that one and several more at this link.

And, of course, the ultimate joke is a clown's red nose. How much joy and laughter they add to our lives!

Photo of Big Nose Kate - Mary Katharine Haroney

Big Nose Kate

Have you ever heard of her?

Her name was Mary Katharine Haroney and she was born into a wealthy family in Hungary. After her family left Hungary, they came first to Mexico and then to Iowa. When both of her parents died, she made her way to Kansas where she worked in a brothel and met Doc Holliday, the famous gunslinger. She became his common law wife and some say they were legally married. She has a saloon in Tombstone, Arizona named after her. She was also the subject of a John Wayne western called "The Sons of Katy Elder".

Women's Hairstyles For Big Noses

If you've been struggling to find the right hairstyle to fit your big nose, don't panic anymore. According to an article I read recently, there are many styles that will enhance your attributes and add balance to your features. Some styles that flatter big nose women are: a layered cut which adds softness and flatters the features, soft waves or curls that builds visual softness, and a great haircolor that will bring attention to your hair rather than your prominent nose. Either long or medium length hair works well for big nose women. Avoid short hairstyles and eye make-up that creates the illusion of close set eyes, which will only add the illusion of a bigger nose. Brought to you by Google Alerts

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