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Quick Description of the Nose

The visible part of the human nose is the protruding part of the face that bears the nostrils. The shape of the nose is determined by the ethmoid bone and the nasal septum, which consists mostly of cartilage.

Because of the special nature of the blood supply to the human nose and surrounding area it is possible for retrograde infections from the nasal area to spread to the brain. For this reason, the area from the corners of the mouth to the bridge of the nose, including the nose and maxilla, is known to doctors as the danger triangle of the face. Source (above photo and article): Wikipedia

Photo of side view of a man's large nose

Picture of a man's nose

Your Nose Shape - What Does It Says About You?

Recently I read an article in the newspaper that indicates our noses reveal a lot of interesting things about us. For instance, a turned up nose, similar to Marilyn Monroe's nose, reveals a personality that is kind, optimistic, nurturing, with an enthusiasm for new adventures and experiences. John Lennon's hawk nose reveals a person who likes to pursue their own goals, is fairly rebellious, and rarely follows the crowd. Admiral Lord Nelson's Greek nose suggests a person who would be good to have around during a crisis. The Roman nose of Abraham Lincoln is characteristic of a leader and someone with a strong personality. Barack Obama's Nubian nose reveals creativity and passion. The Snub nose of Muhammad Ali indicates wit - someone who thinks fast and reacts quickly.

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Nose Silhouettes

Click here to view some Nose Silhouettes of the kids when they were young. and some information about this beautiful form of artwork.

Different Types of Noses


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There are many types of noses - human noses that are described as being Roman, Greek, Ethiopian, Aquiline - to name a few. Noses that are big, small, and somewhere in between. Crooked noses, and probably somewhere in the world, there exists a few people born with the naturally perfect nose.

How would you describe a Roman nose? Some would say it's a hooknose or aquiline or a nose with a high bridge, sometimes compared to an eagle nose. Throughout history, aquiline noses have been considered a particular feature of White, European ethnic groups. However, although variation in nose size and curvature can exist, aquiline noses appear in all ethnic groups rather than just a few, clearly demarcated ones.

Some scientists theorized that noses are divided into aquiline, straight, flat, hooked, and Semitic noses.

In Crania Americana Samuel George Morton (1799-1851) had divided humankind primarily into four races, each distinguished by certain physical characteristics. Of Native Americans, he wrote that they were "marked by a brown complexion; long, black, lank hair; and deficient beard. The eyes are black and deep set, the brow low, the cheekbones high, the nose large and aquiline, the mouth large, and the lips tumid [swollen] and compressed." Other ethnic groups said to have aquiline noses were the Shagia (Africa), the Abipones (South America), and the Kabbabish (Africa).

The Greek nose - viewed in profile, is a straight line from top to bottom.Think of the nose on a Greek sculpture - classical - some consider it a perfect nose.
Source: Wikipedia

kathryn jordan

kelley christopher

kristen jackson

Speaking strictly as a grandmother of the above six noses I think they are some of the cutest ever! Soon we'll be featuring your child's nose in this section of our human nose gallery. So get your camera, take a close up shot of your child's nose and send it to us via email. You can include child's first name only and we'll include the name with the photo.

Please note regarding Photographs: if you send photographs to us, please email them to info at all-about-noses dot com (email address intentionally typed out to prevent spam abuse).

We'll be looking forward to receiving them!

This video will give to instructions on how to make
your nose look smaller just by using makeup. Enjoy!

The following human nose photos are just some that we've come across during our research. We'll soon be adding your adult nose photos to this section of our human nose gallery. So brush up on your camera skills and take your favorite nose photo and send it to us via email. You can include the first name only and we'll name the photo.

Please note regarding Photographs: if you send photographs to us, please email them to info at all-about-noses dot com (email address intentionally typed out to prevent spam abuse).

We'll be looking forward to receiving them! 10_people


girl-headscarf-73g girl-thinking-nv5

smelling_flowers 05_people

old_man-l9 villageElder

girlnose3 people-picture-kf9_edited

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