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You can tell your nose story and share a photo, too. Click the Human Nose Photos Link or the Animal Nose Photos Link and go to the form to submit your nose photo and related story. Your input will help make this a better site! More information below...

Our Nose Photo Gallery features photos of all types of noses. Why? Well, some people find noses to be quite interesting. There are all types of noses out there, not just the obvious ones. In fact, take a look at some of the miscellaneous nose photos we are compiling.

Human noses can be very different if you just begin to notice them. Sure, the basic anatomy is the same, but if you look at the different shapes and sizes and colors and additions, etc., you see some fascinating nuances. Things that a serious nose-watcher is tuned into. Click here to view some human nose photos.

Dog in Sunglasses

And, then there are the multitude of pet and animal noses. You know yourself how cute your pet's nose can be. Just think of the many, many animals there are, and think about what their noses look like. Some of them are downright laughable and cuddly looking. So, what better way to explore and celebrate and even be entertained than to take a journey via our photo gallery through the world of pet and animal noses. (The photo of the dog in sunglasses is courtesy of the U.S. Army, Specialist Daniel Bearl.)

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If you think about machines for a moment, there are a couple that stand out as having a real diversity of noses. Automobile and airplane noses have garnered interest by enthusiasts for years. There are probably what could be considered experts out there who could describe the intricate details of a rare 1934 Packard Super Eight Roadster's front end ("nose"). And, you know that airplanes, especially fighter planes, have enjoyed keen interest by multitudes of enthusiasts, both civilian as well as military personnel who were intimately involved with those birds.

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British Motor Car As we find our own photos, we will be adding those; however, we will be more than happy to receive yours. Please click here for instructions on submitting a photo. The photos will show a close-up of the nose as well as a head shot. Your photos are welcomed, but does not compensate for photos and we determine if the quality of the photo is appropriate. Since we receive many photos for this site, we are unable to confirm the status of individual photos. Those accepted for publication may appear on this web site or in other publications at our discretion. When submitting photos, they should be at least 4-5-inches wide at 200cpi. You must include at least your pet's name and breed type, and may include the location (city/state) as well as your own human information, if you prefer.

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