Quotes About Noses

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Lots of interesting quotes about noses on this page

Quotes, especially quotes about noses, are a good thing to have sitting in your memory bank. Think about the last time when the party was getting stale and boring. Wouldn't it have been convenient to have a real zinger at just the right time, when you are called upon to be the life of the party?

We thought you might get a kick out of a variety that we've found for you. Some are profound and thought provoking. Some are just plain silly - you might giggle a bit, and that's a good thing, as Martha Stewart says. Weave some of these into your next conversation and watch things perk up.

Nose sketch by artist Jimmie Roberson

My husband's mother, Adell, who passed from us far too early, had an arsenal of salty sayings that I would love to share with you - but not here, they were a little too spicy for this page. If you have a favorite nose or nose-related quote or anecdote not listed here and you'd like to share it with us please click here to fill out our "Contact Us" form. We would greatly appreciate your help in adding quotes to our site.

We've separated them into the following:

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Nose Quotes

Clay Aiken

Nelson Algren

Muhammad Ali